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“Architecture is the art that determines the identity of our era and improves people’s life.”

In Arq+ a real state investment depends on various factors that influence its success or failure and our experience tells us that it starts right at the beginning the importance of the control of the execution cost/deadline binomial.

In this sense, we care in presenting competitive prices and project deadlines of reduced execution maintaining, however, the same quality.

​On the other hand, we do not intend that our clients lose time with bureaucracy in unnecessary dislocations to public entities to handle complex documentation that most are unfamiliar with or do not have the patient or are uncomfortable to deal with.

It is equally important to concentrate the tasks; therefore, we have a project manager who will be the sole interlocutor before the client.


Lastly, it is fundamental the reduction of deadlines at official entities, therefore after submission of the license authorization we follow up regularly the process, pressing the authorities aiming to ease the decision making process.


The realization of any urban operation, in relation to determined criteria implies mandatorily the presentation of a license request or authorization at the respective Town Hall, namely when one intends to perform construction work, reconstruction, demolition, expansion, change the buildings as well as its use.

All these urban operations are divided into two ways of presenting the request:
  • Construction work, changes or expansion of an area not covered by allotment or detailed plans
  • Conversation works, reconstruction, expansion, changes or demolition of classified buildings or in process of classification, as well as works done in properties integrated on set or in a classified areas or in process of classification
  • Construction work, reconstruction, expansion, exterior changes or demolition of buildings at areas of protected classified buildings or in process of classification
  • Reconstruction work resulting in increasing the front height or floor numbering
  • Demolition work of buildings that are not foreseen at the reconstruction work license
  • Construction work, reconstruction, expansion, changes or demolition of buildings in areas that may be used to public services or administration
  • All other urban operations that are not be under previous communication or exempted of previous control

Unlike Licensing, this is a processual protocol of greater responsibility towards the petitioner and projects authors and subject of tighter inspection.

Applicable to urban operations as follows:

  • Reconstruction work that do not involve increasing the front height or floor numbering;
  • Works of construction, changes or expansion in an area encompassed by allotment or detailed plan;
  • Works of construction, changes or expansion done in consolidated urban area that obey municipality or several municipality plans and which front height do not overpass the height front in the street and its transversal streets;
  • Construction of swimming pools associated to the main building;
  • Urban operations preceded by prior information with authorization
  • Construction work of special installation
New Construction

The construction of new building, regardless its nature and its intended use.


It is construction work that results from modifying physical characteristics of an existing building or its fraction, namely the resisting structure, the number of apartments or internal divisions or the nature and material color of external coating, without increasing the total contracted area, implantation area or front height.


Construction work that results in the increasing of the existing area, of the total constructed areas, of the height of the front or of the volume of an existing building.


An intervention aims to provide a compatible performance towards in force demands or constrains applied to any urban operations but “new construction”.


Construction work (refurbish, repair or cleaning) that maintains the existing conditions of a building to the time it was built, reconstructed, expanded or changed.

Change the Use

By this process it is possible to change the use of a building or fraction, with or without construction work, as long as all requirements to the new use are fulfilled.


In this service it is included the topographic survey and all surveys needed to buildings length and height calculation.


Construction work after complete or partial demolition of an existing edification resulting on a reconstruction of the front facade structure;


The action that aim to build one or more allotments, combined or separately, to urban edification and that result on the division of one or more buildings and its re-allotment;