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Construction Work

“When we build, let us think that we build forever “

A construction work has several risks associated to it and the high investment demands a previous thorough planning and an effective control during the execution.

To secure quality, deadlines and budgets we provide a ray of services that individually or combined allow a controlled risks management.

Type of projects

In the early phase it is important to define a work and financial resources availability chronogram as to secure the completion of the construction work.

With a wide ray of civil construction work companies in the market it is fundamental to choose well and prevent possible future problems, which will forcedly raise the cost.

In this sense, before initiating the construction work, it is important to do a good selection of the company to do the work, securing firstly that the presented budgets guarantee that all the necessary materials are sufficient for the entire wok.

Therefore, the Map of Quantities and Measurements demonstrates that all the presented proposals are accordingly and assess easily the different prices to each phase and by type of material or work.

Later, after this selection, it is important to write down the contract that secure amongst others matters the legal order, the deadline execution, the prices according to the presented budget and a chronogram that allows the control between performed works and financial resources availability.

ARQ+ aids in the selection and contracting the works as to reduce the inherent risk of a failure in planning and costs control in a pre-construction work phase, articulating or not with the remaining services we offer.

Construction Technical Management is a mandatory regulation of any type of construction (licensing or previous communication) being a key element to a good and adequate execution of the works.

The performance of this work requires a complete technical autonomy and obliges several duties:

– To monitoring the responsible company for executing the work on its work execution and coordination with all production activity;

– To secure the correct construction work, the performance of the coordination tasks, direct and execution of the works, taking into account the execution project and the fulfillment of the licensing conditions or of admission, by administrative proceedings or public contact;

– To adopt adequate production methods as to secure the fulfillment of the compulsory legal duties, the executed work quality, the security and efficiency of the construction process;

– To request (whenever necessary to secure the work conformity in relation to the project or legal norms or rules in force) the intervention of the construction work Monitoring manager. The technical assistance of the project authors, in need to previously communicate to the construction work Monitoring manager, being oblige to register this matter and the facts at the construction book;

– When act as coordinator of executed works by other capable companies, in the sense of work done, be assumed by the company and be employee of it, shall assist in execute this by the respective technicians of the other companies;

– To secure the proper execution of the different technicalities works by qualified experts;

ARQ+ provides services of Construction Work Direction and Coordination aiming to secure the verification of the work according to the execution project and, when applicable, the fulfillment of the licensing conditions or previous communication, and the compliance of the applicable legal norms and rules in force, as well as the compatibility of the projects of architecture and technicalities.

We secure the Work Direction or Inspection until class V, including the works done in classified buildings and/or inserted in Special Protection Areas (SPAs).

Allows to secure that the execution on the construction work is according to the conditions, specifications and others technical details established in the projects as well as its quality.

Construction Monitoring Management is amongst the engineering solutions that ARQ+ offers to its clients, through a field monitoring by professionals that inspect all the construction work phases to secure that the project is implemented correctly as to:

– That the construction work is done according to the foreseen timeframe

– That the applied materials are according to the contracted quantity and quality

– By the acts of mediation it is possible to secure and monitoring that the works done are according to the chronogram and respective payment deadlines

– To assess and authorize that additional work and changes done on the construction work are according to the ruling dispositions

– To secure that all the licenses and permits are valid and accessible to consultation at the construction site by the monitoring entities

The Safety and Health Plan (SHP) is a document that contains the relevant information and indications in security and health matters necessary to reduce the occurrence of risk of work accidents and professional illness at the construction sites (during construction phase).

Thus, prevention measures are taken as to minimize the risk factor and protect from eventual accidents.

The Safety and Health Plan is a document that shall be object of constant updating, starting its preparation during the general conception of the construction work and concluding it after the end.

The Safety and Health Plan (SHP) represents, thus, one of the base instruments on the security and health management at the construction site. It shall be outlined before the construction work, being a legal demand at this phase of the project, enumerating the particularities of the construction work and the various security aspects, as:

– Risk assessment and adopted preventive measures;

–  Experienced eventual constrains;

–  Organizational measures;

– Activity development plan;

The civil construction activities in construction site carry several risks that may result in accidents when the necessary security measures are not taken: falls from high place, smashing or buried by landslide. However, the use of preventing measures may guarantee the security of everyone at the construction sites.

Although it is not a mandatory document in private construction works, and with a diminutive use in construction of small expression, it is, however, a key element to works of greater dimension, as it fully describes all the works and materials to be done and used at the construction, inserting the received budgets and materials, brands and similar finishes as well as all the measurements.

As all budgets will be presented by all constructors from this document supplied by the Construction Owner, it is easy to check item by item the presented prices.

On the other hand, before the beginning of the works, one has the exact notion of the works, quantities and materials to be applied, avoiding during the construction work eventual financial deviations due to works changes.